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Q: What Is The Product Or Service?

A: For Any Home Based Business To Be Legal You Must Have Products Or Services. Otherwise It Is A Pyramid Scheme, Pay To Play, Or A GIFTING Plan, ALL Are Illegal! We Offer A Website With FREE Hosting For Life, Marketing Resources, Optional Discount Medical And Dental Plans, Digital Marketing Tools, And Customer Service To Handle Their Incoming Calls, So You Never Have To Speak With Anyone, (Value = Priceless)!


Q: What Is The Major PROBLEM BestEasyWork Has?

A: We Sound Too Good To Be True. FACT Is: You Just Received A FREE Strategic System With Resources At No Cost And Have Immediate Direct Access To The Owner Who Simply Wants To Partner And Work For YOU.

Q: What Is The Truth About BestEasyWork Reviews?

A: BUYERS BEWARE WHENEVER REVIEWING ANY PROGRAM ONLINE. Many So Called Online Marketers Try To Take Advantage Of Other People's Marketing Efforts By Posting Inaccurate Reviews. People Posting SCAM REVIEWS Are Simply Trying To Capture An Audience To Redirect Them Their Personal Link. To Find Legitimate BEW Reviews, Look Up What Real People Are Saying On Youtube.

Q: Are Those Testimonials Real?

A: YES, All Testimonials Are 100% Authentic. Our Spokesperson In The Blue Blouse Was Hired From Fiverr To Help Market BEW.

Q: How Long Has BestEasyWork (BEW) Been Around?

A: The Owner Started This International Venture In The Late Mid 90s With Much Unforeseen Failure To Experience. Just When He Was About To Give Up, After Attempting Several Different Online Opportunities, The Owner Realized That The Best Option Was To Create Something New From All That He Had Learned. In Feb 2016, He Started And Was Manually Replicating Sites. In March, 2016 The System Was Copyrighted. Then Later In July 2016, He Had To Change Servers For A More Advanced Automated System That Would Handle The Response. At That Time, The BestEasyWork Name Surfaced. The Site Has Improved A Great Deal From It's Humble Beginnings.

Q: Where Did The Concept Come From?

A: The Owner Is An Insurance Agent Limited To A Radius Of 50 to 100 Miles To Sell Services Or Products. Realizing The Power Of The Internet To Reach A Larger Audience Was The Key Ingredient Towards Implementing The Site. Many Ideas Have Been Combined Within The Site For An Excellent Presentation Strategy.

Q: What Makes A Pyramid Scheme, Pay To Play, Or A Gifting Plan Illegal?

A: Pyramids Are Designed To Go Many Levels Deep And Usually Have No Real Product Or Services Attached. Pay To Play Usually Forces People To Pay To Be Involved With No FREE Option. Real Gifting Is Done Without The Expectation Of Any Return And Are Not Allowed To Advertise In Any Way. BestEasyWork Is Clearly Not A Gifting Plan, BEW Has A Free Option Unlike The Pay To Play Plans, And BEW Works Only With Direct Team Members And Is Not Allowed To Go Levels Deep And Has REAL Product & Services Attached.

Q: Is BEW A Crowdfunding Program?

A: NO, Absolutely Not. Crowdfunding Is A Twist On Cash Gifting. Cash Gifting Is Illegal No Matter How Their Marketers Justify These Programs.

Q: IS BEW A Matrix?

A: NO, Absolutely Not. All Matrix Programs Look Great In Theory, Unfortunately Never Completes The Cycles. A Matrix Is Definately A Red Flag.

Q: Isn't Using The Term 'Help Wanted' Misleading?

A: NO, Absolutely Not.

FACT: ALL Companies Need Help Promoting Their Products Or Services.

Think About That, Every Employee Promotes Their Company.

Q: Where Are The Marketing Instructions?

A: For TRAINING & PAYROLL Setup, You Must Have Login Access.

Q: Where Are The Dental Plans?

A: You Must Have Login Access.

Q: Is My Personal Information Protected?

A: Any Information That You Provide Is Privacy Protected. Your Information Will NEVER Be Shared Or Sold To Anyone! BestEasyWork Is 100% Secured.

Q: How Will I Know Someone Signed In Using My Link?

A: When A New Member Signs In, They Instantly Receive An Automated Duplicated Website With Their Personal Link. You Too Will Be Sent An Email When A Viewer Signs In. Their Email Will Always Be Attached To Your Website Link.

Q: What Is The Truth About The Better Business Bureau - BBB?

A: The BBB Is A Clever Organization Designed To Simply Charge Merchants An Annual Fee To Provide Consumers Whatever Consumers Decide To Report.

Q: Who Else Compares To BestEasyWork?

A: NO ONE COMPARES! There Are Some That Come Close But You Will Find NO Free Option, NO Real Training, NO Real Support, And Definitely TOO Expensive.

Q: What Will Happen To BEW If Owner Is Overwhelmed Or Worst Yet, Passes On?

A: There Will Be A Virtual Live Answering Service In Position To Handle The Incoming Calls On Your Behalf.

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